Founder of the Global Debate Symposium

Aaron W. Timmons has made a career of teaching and coaching debate at schools both public and private, large and small. Mr. Timmons is currently Director of Debate at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas and is considered, by many to be the “best living debate coach in the United States… who works across formats and is great at teaching audience and/or argument centered approaches.”

The TLDR is simple: Mr. Timmons believes that success comes with teamwork, hard work, ethical and sustainable approaches to argumentation and debating, character, and a robust belief in argument engagement, in stead of argument evasion.

Accolades for Mr. Timmons include:

Co-Coach of the USA Debate Team sponsored by the National Speech and Debate Association.

Being a member of the Hall of Fame for the National Speech and Debate Association, The Tournament of Champions, and the Texas Forensic Association. He serves on the National Board of the National Debate Coaches Association and is a member of the KEY Coaches Society at Emory University and The Blue Green and Gold Society of The Glenbrooks.

Being the only person in history to coach multiple National Speech and Debate Association Champions in Policy Debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate, as well as multiple finalists and a Top Speaker in Policy Debate.

Being the only person in history to coach multiple Tournament of Champion winners in Policy Debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate, including Top Speakers in both divisions, as well as multiple finalists.

As Director of Debate at Greenhill School, led the school to be recognized as one top schools of the 20th Century.

Has coached more National Debate Coaches Association Dukes and Bailey Award winners for Season Long Excellence in Lincoln Douglas Debate than any coach in the United States.

In Texas, with a state tournament that is one of the largest and most competitive tournaments in the United States, Mr. Timmons students have won more State Titles in Policy Debate and Lincoln Douglas than any other coach or program bar none.

In just the last 5 -7 years in Lincoln Douglas Debate, Mr. Timmons’ students have won the National Speech and Debate Association Lincoln Douglas title, the Tournament of Champions (multiple times), The National Debate Coaches Association title (multiple times), Apple Valley (multiple times), The Glenbrooks (multiple times), St. Marks (multiple times), Emory/The Barkley Forum (multiple times), Harvard Westlake (multiple times), Bronx Science and California Berkeley.

In World Schools Debate, Mr. Timmons has coached winners domestically, as well as internationally in Slovenia, Croatia, and Germany. He has coached the National Team at the World Championships in Thailand, Germany, Bali, Indonesia and Singapore.

Mr. Timmons teaches electives and lab sessions each year at the Global Debate Symposium in addition to serving as the Director of the workshop.

The Global Debate Symposium brings together experienced classroom teachers, and recent competitors for a program that values diversity of thought as well as persons teaching, in addition to creating an environment that cares for the Social and Emotional needs of students.

Come learn from one of the most successful coaches in the history of competitive debating.