Congressional Debate Camp (2021)



Our Approach to Congressional Debate Camp

The Global Debate Symposium Congressional Debate Camp was created to provide the best possible educational experience for all levels of students. We recognize that not all students learn the same way. As a result, we work to vary our teaching style to meet the needs of our diverse learners. Whether a student is just starting Congressional Debate or is vying for a chance to win a National Championship, the instruction at the GDS Debate Camp will be second to none.  

So what does the GDS Congressional Debate Camp Curriculum look like?

Topic Lectures – Topic lectures will be brief but comprehensive, and premised on the types of information students will see in actual rounds.

Practice sessions – GDS Congressional Debate Camp emphasizes constant, quality practice. Students will get personalized feedback after every speech and general feedback about round structure, foresight, cross-examination, practice refutation, crystallization,  language usage (i.e., remembering not to generalize issues and learning to maximize word economy), etc. This can come through one-on-one training and "office hours" as well as through sdebates, skill drills and speaking practice (i.e., speed-reading, tongue twisters, pronunciation practice, and projection drills).

Problem Solving - The Global Debate Symposium Congressional Debate Camp will focus on problem-solving (aka honing in on individual skill insecurities and confronting those head on). For example:

  • Have a speaking pattern that is limiting your success? Students will work with a variety of staff to highlight the problem, and use best practices to correct the issues at hand. We will use drills as well as video recordings to allow the student to hear themselves. Once the pattern is figured out, students will have the opportunity to work with a variety of instructors to resolve the problem.
  • Don't know what to do when you get bad recency? GDS Congressional Debate Camp will teach students what to do when the Presiding Officer drops them.
  • Don't feel like you have a unique enough style? Let's find yours!
  • For students that yearn to have “perceptual dominance” but feel too nervous to do so, or feel like they don't have a loud enough voice to get them where they wish to be, the staff at GDS will help students in Congressional Debate find their voice and executive presence.

At the Global Debate Symposium Congressional Debate Camp we will investigate best practices in research techniques, bill writing, parliamentary procedure, and more.