World Schools Debate Camp (For International Students) - INCLUDES ALL ELECTIVE WORKSHOPS (2021)

Dates: June 28 - July 10

Price: $1,300



Debate has been truly global for some time but the onset of COVID-19 and the increased reliance on virtual methods of communication, increased opportunities, and needs for debate training for students via an online platform, in addition to online tournaments as an option in a world of limited travel., has never been more apparent. 

Last summer the Global Debate Symposium hosted students from China, Canada, Mexico, Slovenia, Taiwan, and the USA at its physical workshop in Colorado in the USA. The Global Debate Symposium is happy to announce that this summer, there will be on an online, international component for World Schools Debate, that will bring together students, debate trainers, and perspectives, from literally all around the world!

Miha Andric, Head Debate Coach of the Slovenian National Team and internationally renowned trainer, is partnering with the Global Debate Symposium to bring together an international experience like no other. These trainers represent diverse ages, races, genders, debating/educational experiences, as well as cultural backgrounds to give an international and diverse perspective to a truly international format.

All students, from those who have never debated before, to those who are vying for a spot, or are currently on, their national teams, are welcomed to join us. We will consider school and team discounts if multiple students from a school or club attends.

We will also consider requests for scholarships/aid on an individual basis.

The program will run from June 29 – July 11. There will be a half day on July 4 and 5.

Students will be engaged a full eight hours in the full session.

Total cost of the complete twelve-day version of GDS International is $1300.00.

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