World Schools Debate Camp (2021)

Dates: June 27 - July 10

Price: $1,300



Our Approach to World Schools Debate Camp

The Global Debate Symposium World School Debate Camp Division was created to provide the best possible educational experience for students exploring this international format. Our staff includes coaches and members of USA Debate, the national debate team of the United States of America. Our program seeks to balance true understanding of complex concepts while making sure students have the practical tools needed to enjoy competitive success during the debate season on both domestic or international circuits.

We believe the best way to train our students is to tailor our instruction for World School Debate to meet the needs of each individual. We teach the basics necessary to understand the advanced nuances of the different argumentative form (and content) practiced around the world. We believe that students, parents and coaches should collectively weigh all of the available information to assess which summer experience would best benefit each individual student.

So what does the GDS World School Debate Camp Curriculum look like?

Some of the components of our curriculum include the following:

  • Our pedagogy emphasizes small lab groups. Students with extensive experience will be given enrichment exercises to accelerate their growth.
  • A balance of large group lectures and small group seminars to allow students to focus on things they wish to learn/work on in World School Debate.
  • Multiple rounds of debate each day to allow students the opportunity to address weaknesses and emphasize areas of strength.
  • Electives - World School Division participants will have the opportunity to attend the varied GDS World School Debate electives available to all divisions.

The Global Debate World School Debate Camp Division will also focus on how to research, a skill that many camps seem to have put on the backburner. While it is true you can write World School Debate cases without evidence, it seems some base in the literature is required to have a grasp of the context of the motions. Attention will also be placed on effective case writing, effective speaking techniques, strategic decisions and general tips to help students achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Unique instructional opportunities for World School Debate include: Office Hours and Advisory

The Advisory Program is designed to give students an opportunity to explore topics in-depth and with instructors in a small group setting where every student gets the opportunity to speak. The Advisory Program allows students to work with instructors other than their assigned lab leaders. Students meet with their World School Debate Camp advisors on a regular basis during the debate institute. We have received excellent feedback from our students about the program.

We have a resident philosopher on staff to engage students and push them to explore a wide range of philosophy. We are the only World School Debate Camp to our knowledge that gives all of the students in our workshop access to a professor of philosophy.

Office Hours - In the evenings, students in our World Schools program have the opportunity to sign up for one-on-one time with instructors for additional practice speeches or an individual discussion.  We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about office hours. Office hours are yet another way students receive access to the entire faculty.




Topics Covered at World School Debate Camp Include:

  • WSDC Format - for beginners
  • WSDC Format nuances - for advanced students
  • The Three Legs of World School - style, content, and strategy
  • Speech duties for beginners and advanced students
  • Types of motions
  • Motion analysis - similarities and differences in the impromptu and prepared motion analysis process
  • Creating the model
  • Responding to the model
  • Points of Information - procedure and drills
  • Impromptu Prep - process and drills
  • Delivery Focus - the Art of Persuasion
  • "Debate Like a Girl" - a Celebration
  • Content Focus - Topic Area Seminars and Briefs
  • Strategy Focus - Argument Selection and Placement, the Use of the Third Speech and the Reply
  • Guest lectures - current and former members of the USA Debate team
  • Practice rounds - judged by current and former members of the USA Debate team
  • End of camp tournament
  • How to apply for the USA Debate team