GDS Briefs

What Makes Our Briefs Different

Here at the Global Debate Symposium, we believe in producing the best quality of argumentation and evidence. Our briefs were compiled by former debaters and coaches we believe comprise the best staff in the country. We take the time to edit our briefs such that every argument or card you will find in our brief has been peer-reviewed multiple times and can be read past a bid round of a tournament.

Lincoln Douglas

Topic Analyses (TA’s): We recognize that the state of debate is changing, and we are closely following all developments. We have topic analyses that address a variety of of debate at different levels.

  • Amongst our three TA writers we have, a champion of the Tournament of Champions, a recipient of the Dukes and Bailey award, a total of 20+ bids received at national tournaments, champions of multiple local tournaments, and former debaters who cleared at almost every major national tournament.
  • We uniquely offer a critical TA, framework TA and policy TA. Our critical TA analyzes a multitude of critical arguments that can be run on both sides of the topic, clearly explaining topical links and strategic ways to engage the critical debate. Our framework TA provides broken down analysis of key philosophical theories that link to the topic. Our policy TA analyzes unique plans (with an analysis of theoretical analysis of plans), counterplans, and disadvantages and how to strategically utilize these arguments on the topic.

Cards: We know that other briefs boast hundreds of cards, but our briefs contain cards that can actually be used in positions and blocks. Each card in the brief is peer-reviewed by 5 distinct individuals. If we don’t like a card, we start against and find better evidence! Our card cutters have collectively cleared at and won national and local tournaments.

Public Forum

Since the topic changes every month, we fully believe in providing research-backed topic analyses that emphasize the core of each topic. We have staff members that have won national championships, cleared at national tournaments, won national tournaments, and were former members of USA Debate. We believe that Public Forum debate is most successful when debaters have a solid foundation for the core clash of the resolution and nuances of a multitude of positions. Every argument and card has been peer-reviewed and are arguments we feel comfortable being read in late outrounds of tournaments.