GDS Community Response to COVID-19

The Global Debate Symposium, along with our traditional hosts at Colorado College are monitoring the rapidly changing situation with all entities at the local, state, federal levels, inclusive of best practices from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in assessing the likelihood of having an in-person workshop. In everything we do, the health and safety of everyone in the Global Debate Symposium family, is at the forefront of any and all decisions that we make.

Some summer programs are embracing a hope for the best” model and waiting out the situation to hope for business as normal/having an in-person camp. Others seem to be pushing a model that is a hybrid — a traditional in-person option, with an online component. Still others have embraced the full online approach at this time.

One of the foundational premises of the Global Debate Symposium that makes it unique from most other summer programs, is that our senior leadership team is composed of individuals who are full time high school coaches/teachers. After intense discussions with our team, out of an abundance of caution, we are excited to announce that the Global Debate Symposium will be fully conducted online this summer. While we anticipate that things will be back to normal in future years and we will once again enjoy the facilities of Colorado College, we felt that deciding now to be fully online had unique advantages that were hard to ignore, and gives us a head start in building the best online program there is for summer debate training.

We feel that given our senior leadership team, with decades of experience navigating diverse education platforms and curriculum development, we are able to have a platform that continues the diversity of electives that seems unmatched, our unique advisory program that gives students even more opportunity to work with different students and instructors, multiple lectures and practice rounds, as well as continued access to some of the most accomplished coaches and former debaters from the USA and abroad.

Things in store for the summer of 2020 at the Online Global Debate Symposium:

  • We anticipate that the cost will be lower for our online program, which at this crucial time for most families, offers some financial relief when it may be needed.
  • We have an online platform/learning management system that allows all our work and curriculum to be on a central site.
  • Students will have the option to participate in the Global Debate Symposium, in addition to other summer programs given the different pricing structure.
  • We are having curriculum built into the platform currently that students will be able to access before the summer, in addition to throughout the school year.
  • An online option gives you access to instructors who were not able to join us in person, but are able to contribute online.

For those till looking for an option for summer debate training, consider joining us for the Online Version of the Global Debate Symposium – Summer 2020.

For those already signed up for our in-person program, we will be honoring those enrollments and shifting them into our new online curricular options. We will be sharing tuition credit and partial refund options for those who have fully paid.

At this time, please be safe and thank you for your belief in the vision of the Global Debate Symposium.

Stay tuned for more information!

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Aaron Timmons

Co-Owner and Director of the Global Debate Symposium