GDS Daily Schedule

Online debate camp is uncharted territory, and we recognize that there are significant difficulties in replicating the residential camp experience.

While there may be some tweaks to this come July, we wanted to provide prospective Lincoln Douglas campers with some idea of what they could expect at GDS 2020. Our other divisions will be releasing sample schedules soon.

Rest assured, not all days will be this long - our team of teachers & instructors has been hard at work on developing a curriculum that accommodates diverse learning styles, does not require students to spend 10+ hours at their computer a day, and is accessible to students across the country. We’re excited to share more details in the coming weeks and months.


Sample Day:

9:00 AM EST - Office Hours (only for EST & CST students)

10:00 AM EST - Advisory (only for EST & CST students)

11:00 AM EST - Morning Lab

12:30 PM EST - Live Elective

2:00 PM EST - Lunch

3:00 PM EST - Instructional Block

4:30 PM EST - Instructional Block

5:30 PM EST Advisory (only for MST & PST students)

6:30 PM EST Office Hours (only for MST & PST students)


Our Instructional Blocks will feature rotating lesson plans - our new online format provides us with exciting opportunities to try new curricula - students can expect instructional blocks to be filled with a variety of the following over their time at GDS 2020:

  • Reading Groups & Close Reading Sessions
  • Film Analysis
  • Case Writing Workshops
  • Lab Time
  • Drill Modules
  • Practice Debates