Scholarships / Financial Aid

The Global Debate Symposium is a leader among summer debate programs in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, in all areas. Our owners/directors believe that these missives are at the core of our DNA as an institution. As such, we will do all we can to ensure that those with limited financial means will still have access to the transformational experience that is the Global Debate Symposium. Funds are limited and will be extended on a first come first serve basis and are awarded based on demonstrated financial need, dedication to debate, and a student's contribution to a diverse, equitable, inclusive, rigorous, and welcoming educational environment. 

Families will need to apply for aid to be considered by submitting tax forms from all parents/guardians responsible for the final support of the student. Students will need to submit a letter indicating why attending GDS is essential for their growth. Finally, a teacher (preferably the coach) at the school the student attends who is able to speak to a student’s commitment to growth as a debater/academic/speaker, demonstrated work ethic and the intent/ability to return home to share knowledge gained to build their team, will be required as well.

Other funds will be distributed on a first come first serve basis until they run out.

We will notify families as soon as possible on the amount of aid possible once all information is submitted.

Applying for scholarships from other entities, should as the Voices Foundation, is strongly encouraged. Link: . The Global Debate Symposium has been a supporter of the Voices Foundation since the inception of the workshop.