Debate Camp Instructors & Staff

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Aaron Timmons - Symposium Director

Aaron Timmons

Symposium Director - GDS Debate Camp

Aaron W. Timmons is the Director of Debate at Greenhill School in Addison, Texas (near Dallas), in addition to serving as the Head Coach of the USA World Schools Debate team. A former President of the Texas Forensic Association, Mr. Timmons has published several educational publications, and is a frequent presenter at workshops on debate pedagogy in Texas, across the United States and in recent years, on an international stage at workshops in Qatar and Slovenia. In 2000, Mr. Timmons was recognized as one of the top coaches of the 20th century. Mr. Timmons has been inducted into the Hall of Fame for the National Speech and Debate Association, the Texas Forensic Association, and the Tournament of Champions. Mr. Timmons is one of only three coaches in the history of the National Speech and Debate Association, to win National Championships in policy debate and Lincoln Douglas Debate, and the only coach to have multiple champions in both divisions. He has also coached the top speaker in policy and Lincoln Douglas debate, as well as champions in both formats, at the Tournament of Champions. Since becoming a coach of the USA Debate, the team has won events in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Slovenia, Germany, and Croatia. At the World Championships in Bali, Indonesia in the summer of 2017, the USA Debate Team placed third in the World! The best showing for the United States since 1999! In the past five years alone, Mr. Timmons' students in Lincoln Douglas have won the championships at the Greenhill Round Robin (close out), St. Marks School of Texas (close out), Apple Valley Round Robin, Apple Valley, The Glenbrooks, The Meadows School, Harvard Westlake invitational, Emory, University of California at Berkeley, Bronx Science and TFA State (close out). Mr. Timmons is a full time teacher and has taught at debate workshops for over 30 years.
Cynthia Timmons - Director World Schools Debate

Cynthia Timmons

Director World Schools Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Cynthia Timmons lives in Dallas, Texas, and has been involved in debate for more than 45 years. She is the coach of the 2020 NSDA WS Debate National Championship team. Retired from 30 years in public schools where she coached dozens of national and state champions while winning numerous coaching awards, she has also served the speech and debate community in international, national and state leadership positions; in professional development training; in contributing articles to professional publications, both domestic and international; and in summer institute work. As Team Manager and Coach of the USA Debate team she helped lead the team to its best record in over a decade at WSDC events in Thailand, Singapore and Germany and to championships in Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Dallas, Minneapolis, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. She also led the national team in public debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College, and at the Republican Club in New York City for the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation. She is a member of the National Speech & Debate Association Hall of Fame and was inducted into the inaugural class of the Texas Forensic Association Hall of Fame. She is actively engaged in promoting the cause of women in debate and has hosted four national tournaments for the National Speech & Debate Association. In her spare time, she loves reading and writing. She is also a wife and mother of two sons.
Ed Williams - Director of Student Life

Ed Williams

Director of Student Life - GDS Debate Camp

Ed Williams has been coaching debate for over 20 years. His students have been successful at every major national circuit tournament including NSDA Nationals and the Tournament of Champions. He has successfully built debate programs at multiple schools including Charlotte Latin School, Marist School and Calhoun High School. He is a Barkley Forum Key Coach, and past Board Member of the National Debate Coaches Association. Ed is probably the only coach to have won State Championships in debate and football. He has worked at summer workshops throughout the country including Bates College, Dartmouth, Wake Forest University and the University of Texas.
Jonathan Alston - Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jonathan Alston

Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Jonathan is a high school English teacher and the Lincoln Douglas debate coach for Newark Science Park High School in New Jersey. He graduated from Yale University and has coached 7 New Jersey State Champions. Jonathan has had debaters make it to late elimination rounds at Stanford, Emory, Greenhill, Wake Forest, Harvard, St. Marks and the Tournament of Champions, among others, in his twenty years as a coach. Jonathan is a gifted lecturer and teacher, consistently getting the highest evaluations from his lab students year after year. Jonathan is a highly requested lab leader sought out by coaches to help students maximize their potential. His attention to detail, diversity of teaching methods and the ability to instill both confidence and improved skills into transitioning younger students is second to none. Jonathan personifies excellence and professionalism in his approach to educating any student he has the opportunity to work with. Jonathan was the coach of the top Speaker of the Tournament of Champions in 2015 in addition to a TOC semifinalist.
Kristiana Baez - Instructor - "K" Lab

Kristiana Baez

Instructor - "K" Lab - GDS Debate Camp

Kristiana Baez started her debate career at Norman High School where she competed for four years. She continued to debate at the University of Oklahoma, earning awards at multiple university competitions including the Cross-Examination Debate Association national tournament. She received a BA in International Security Studies with a minor in Middle Eastern Studies. Kristiana is currently a Graduate Assistant at the University of Iowa and is coaching their debate team. Kristiana helped coach the Iowa team to a close out of the CEDA National tournament in 2018! We are excited to have her join us this summer at the Global Debate Symposium.
Courtney Coffman - Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate

Courtney Coffman

Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Courtney is the Director of Debate at Northland Christian School in Houston, TX. Over her seven years as head coach, her students have qualified to TFA State, the TOC, and NSDA Nationals in a variety of events. She coached the 2017 TFA State Champion in Foreign Extemporaneous Speaking and was the coach of the 2018 National Champions in World Schools Debate. This will be Courtney's eleventh summer teaching at a summer institute and her fourth returning to GDS; she brings experience from Mean Green Workshops and several winter institutes. When she was a student, Courtney debated for three years on the local and national circuits for Northland Christian School. Beginning her national circuit career at the end of her junior year, she cleared at nearly every national tournament she participated in including Harvard, Grapevine, St. Marks, Blake, and the VBT. Courtney ended her debate career by competing at the TOC and placing 10th at NSDA Nationals in LD.
Dr. Tommy J. Curry - Professor of Philosophy and Africana Studies at Texas A&M University

Dr. Tommy J. Curry

Professor of Philosophy and Africana Studies at Texas A&M University - GDS Debate Camp

Dr. Tommy J. Curry is a Professor of Philosophy and Personal Chair of Africana Philosophy and Black Male Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests are 19th century ethnology, Critical Race Theory & Black Male Studies. He is the author of The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood (Temple University Press 2017), which won the 2018 American Book Award. He is the author of Another white Man’s Burden: Josiah Royce’s Quest for a Philosophy of Racial Empire (SUNY Press 2018), and re-published the forgotten philosophical works of William Ferris as The Philosophical Treatise of William H. Ferris: Selected Readings from The African Abroad or, His Evolution in Western Civilization (Rowman & Littlefield 2016). He is also the editor of the first book series dedicated to the study of Black males entitled Black Male Studies: A Series Exploring the Paradoxes of Racially Subjugated Males on Temple University Press. Dr. Curry is currently co-editing (with Daw-nay Evans) the forthcoming anthology Contemporary African American Philosophy: Where Do We Go from Here on Bloomsbury Publishing (2019).His research has been recognized by Diverse as placing him among the Top 15 Emerging Scholars in the United States in 2018, and his public intellectual work earned him the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy’s Alain Locke Award in 2017. He is a past recipient of the USC Shoah Foundation and A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation Teaching Fellowship (2017), the Ray A. Rothrock Fellowship at Texas A&M University (13-16), and the past president of Philosophy Born of Struggle, one of the oldest Black philosophy organizations in the United States. As a college debater for the University of Missouri Kansas City, Curry became the first Black person to win JV Nationals in 1998, and in 2000 was champion and top speaker of one of the only Black Policy debate teams to win Pi Kappa Delta Nationals--the same national organization that prohibited Wiley College's undefeated Black debate team from participating in their national tournament throughout the 1930s.
Chetan Hertzig - Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate

Chetan Hertzig

Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Chetan Hertzig is the head coach of Harrison High School in New York. He has coached a TOC champion, an NCFL national champion and runner-up, an NSDA Nationals runner-up, a Greenhill tournament champion, round robin champion, and two top speakers, three Glenbrooks champions and one runner-up, three Harvard tournament champions and a round robin champion, two Bronx runner-ups and one top speaker, two Apple Valley tournament champions, two top speakers, and a round robin champion, four Princeton champions, and winners of numerous other tournaments. He has qualified students to the TOC almost every year that he has been coaching; in the 2020-2021 season, his students earned a record 18 TOC bids (and counting). Hertzig teaches IB Theory of Knowledge and IB Psychology at Harrison, and holds an M.A. from Teachers College at Columbia University, a J.D. from Boston College Law School, and a B.A. from Brandeis University (cum laude, with Highest Honors in Sociology). A Double Diamond coach in the National Speech and Debate Association, he is the recipient of Stanford University's J.E. Wallace Sterling Award (2016), the Byram Hills Educator Award (2016), and the MinneApple's Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Achievement in and Dedication to Debate (2019).
Shania Hunt - World Schools Debate Staff

Shania Hunt

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Shania Hunt holds a B.A. in Political Science with a focus in International Relations from UCLA. She was an assistant coach at Harvard Westlake from 2014 to 2018 and now is the head coach of Middle School Speech and Debate at the Harker School. Her students have won multiple national championship tournaments in numerous debate events. As a student, she was a member of Team USA Worlds Schools team and was primarily competitive in Lincoln Douglas debate where she won the Greenhill Invitational, Cal round robin, was a finalist at Berkeley, and finished in quarterfinals and as 4th speaker at TOC her senior year. She also placed in the top 40 of Domestic Extemp and Lincoln Douglas at NSDA Nationals. In college, she competed in British Parliamentary and attended the British Parliamentary national tournament. Now, she teaches Middle School Speech and Debate at the Harker School and is the head of the program.
Jacob Koshak - Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate

Jacob Koshak

Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Jacob Koshak has coached at Saint Thomas HS, Episcopal, and Seven Lakes HS, and is currently the assistant coach of Montgomery High School and has coached a total of 6 years yielding multiple TOC, State, and national qualifiers. His students have reached late out rounds of NSDA Nationals, NCFL Nationals, the Texas and Louisiana State Tournament and the TOC. His students usually read a good amount of critical literature/arguments ranging from a bunch of old Marxists and Postmodernists (Marx, Bataille, Derrida, Baudrillard, Foucault, and DnG) to Race, Ableism, Ontology, and Fem authors (Wilderson, Creole, Heidegger, and Plumwood). He currently holds a Bachelors in Communication and Education and a Masters in Critical/Social Education, eventually pursuing a PhD whenever he gets around to it. In his spare time, he loves reading about random Marxists and is on the lookout for the proletariat revolution.
Adesuwa Omoruyi - Senior Dorm Staff

Adesuwa Omoruyi

Senior Dorm Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Adesuwa Omoruyi has served as the Director of Forensics at Alief Taylor High School in Houston, Texas for 4 years, and currently coaches all HS events (Debate and IEs). Miss Omoruyi has produced a number of State Finalists and National Qualifiers, and consistently encourages and motivates her students to be more than good, awesome, or amazing.. they must be UNDENIABLE, and student success has reflected this mindset in both a competitive setting and in the classroom. In addition to her work with students, Miss Omoruyi has also served colleagues in various roles withing the Texas Speech Communication Association, served as chairperson and on committees within the University Interscholastic League (UIL) and the Texas Forensics Association (TFA), hosted National Coaches Clinics and led the African American / Black Coaches Caucus discussion at the NSDA National Tournament. Due to the success of her students, Miss Omoruyi is often responsible for a significant number of students at a time during overnight and Out-of-State competitions, and is thrilled to support the welfare and well being of attendees at GDS this year.
Kristin Ovenshire Morehouse - Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate/Middle School Program

Kristin Ovenshire Morehouse

Senior Staff Lincoln Douglas Debate/Middle School Program - GDS Debate Camp

Kristin Ovenshire Morehouse has been a professional educator for fifteen years. She is a former intercollegiate policy debater and novice coach for Mary Washington University who majored in philosophy. She holds a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from Shenandoah University and a Masters of Education from the University of Louisville as well as a post-graduate certificate from the Medical College of Virginia - Virginia Commonwealth University. She also has advanced training in sensory integration, behavior management, tiered teaching, and gifted and talented education. She is the founder and head coach of the Pagosa Springs High School speech and debate team in Southwest Colorado. At Mary Washington University, Kristin studied philosophy and debated in policy debate tournaments. She enjoyed studying Plato, Kant, Friere, Hegel, Marx, Heidegger, Nietzsche, Foucault, Sartre, De Beauvoir, hooks, Lourde, Islamic Political Philosophy and other philosophers while at University of Mary Washington. She competed in intercollegiate policy debate and earned the following awards and accolades: Winner Pennsylvania State University Tournament 1989; 3rd place George Washington University Tournament 1990; 10th Speaker George Washington University Tournament 1990; 3rd place American Debate Association Nationals; 3rd place Randolph-Macon Academy Tournament; 6th place Speaker Liberty University; and others. Kristin coached novice debaters for the University of Mary Washington for two years and has been the head coach of the Pagosa Springs High School Speech and Debate team for four years. She loves backpacking the CO Trail, rock climbing and skiing with her two teenagers, her CO National Guard husband, and their dog Spikey. Kristin is excited to share her joy and expertise of teaching debate and philosophy with the Global Debate Symposium. As a former debater, high school coach, occupational therapist and special educator with graduate level training in supporting gifted and talented students, Kristin has the experience and training to help each student progress to the next level.
Dr. J. Medgar Roberts - Online Education and eLearning Director

Dr. J. Medgar Roberts

Online Education and eLearning Director - GDS Debate Camp

J. Medgar Roberts is a career educator, entering the classroom as a debate coach and English Teacher in 1992. He earned his doctorate in
Educational Technology from the University of Phoenix. Recently serving as a Senior Fellow with the Knowledge Without Boundaries Research group, Dr. Roberts helped transition the annual symposium from an in-person event into a virtual event, connecting hundreds of doctoral researchers across the country and throughout the world. Dr. Roberts has served as the Director of Debate at Hart County Schools, Charlotte Latin School, and Duncanville High School, producing several State Championship debaters, bids to the TOC, NSDA Nationals and was named Georgia State Coach of the Year in 1997. Dr. Roberts received the Oluko Fellowship for Outstanding Black Male Educators from the National Network of State Teachers of the Year and served as a Senior Fellow in the Center for Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Research. At the beginning of the pandemic, Dr. Roberts Dr. Roberts served as an assistant principal in charge of curriculum and instruction, focusing on transitioning face to face instruction to an eLearning platform.

He has produced several publications and presented at over a dozen conferences specifically regarding educational technology, Web 2.0 Tools, eLearning, and Diversity in Education, including a recent publication in the Journal of Multicultural Education. He currently serves as principal of a rural elementary school in East Texas.
Jacob Simon - Senior Staff Individual Events

Jacob Simon

Senior Staff Individual Events - GDS Debate Camp

Jacob Simon has been the Director Speech and Debate at Comeaux High School in Lafayette, LA for the past 7 years. Jacob was a former Speech and Debate competitor in both High School and College at the University of Louisiana, where he earned his Degree in Education with a focus in Theater Performance. As the Director of Comeaux Speech, he has coached multiple students to elimination and final rounds at local and regional tournaments across the country. At the state level, Jacob has coached 28 individual State Champions and has coached his team to 5 Consecutive State Team Sweepstakes Championships. His national circuit success as a coach includes final round appearances and champions at tournaments such as Emory, James Logan, Harvard, Churchill, Grapevine, Isidore Newman and Holy Cross. As a coach, Jacob has had National Tournament success as well, including:
10 NSDA Main Stage Finalists: 5 in Program Oral Interpretation, 3 in Dramatic Interpretation, 1 in Duo, 1 in Original Oratory
Championships include 2 in P.O.I, 1 in Dramatic
3 NSDA Supplemental Finalists: 2 in Prose, 1 in Poetry
Championships include 1 in Prose and 1 in Poetry
17 NCFL National finalists: 6 O.I. Finalists, 5 Duo Finalists, 4 Declamation Finalists, 2 Dramatic Finalists
Championships include 2 in Oral Interp., 1 in Declamation, 1 in Duo
Jacob has served as the NSDA Louisiana District Chair and has a passion for the power of Performance. With a focus in Theater performance, he promotes developing honesty in terms of acting and bringing the type of dynamic performances that move audiences emotionally and bring to light important stories that often go untold. He firmly believes that acting is not simply learning how to be a good liar…. True acting comes from finding the truth in the text, connecting to it, and using that connection to perform with power, sincerity, and heart.
Elijah Smith - Senior Staff Kritik Lab (2013 NDT Champion)

Elijah Smith

Senior Staff Kritik Lab (2013 NDT Champion) - GDS Debate Camp

Eli has been involved in competitive debate for 14 years and is excited to continue as the Director of Debate at Rutgers-Newark. During his time in the debate community, he has coached and participated in LD, Policy, PF, and Parliamentary debate.

In 2013 he was a member of the first team to "Unite the Crowns" of college policy debate by winning the NDT and CEDA in the same year. Eli has since coached multiple teams to receive First-Round bids to the NDT, NDCA champions and top speakers in LD and Policy, a TOC Champion and multiple top 5 speakers in LD, and multiple Octos-level bid tournament and Round Robin champions.

He has a strong passion for kritikal debate because it creates a unique opportunity for growth and self-reflection it provides students. However, he also a strong advocate for plan-based debate in Policy and LD.
Miha Andric - World Schools Debate Staff

Miha Andric

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Miha Andric is an international communication, speech & debate teacher, philosopher, and sociologist. He is currently Director of the National debate organisation (ZiP), Board of Directors of the International Debate Education Association (IDEA), President of the Society for development of Humanities and Head of Speech & Debate Program Bežigrad. He has been serving as Program director of several international debate academies and has been national WS teams head coach from 2013. He has been Chief Adjudicator or Expert coordinator of more than 30 international competitions all around the world and has been training students and teachers in more than 30 countries.
Nicholas Aranda - World Schools Debate Staff

Nicholas Aranda

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Nicholas Aranda is a graduating senior from Regis University in Denver, Colorado where he studied Philosophy and Peace Studies. In High School, Nicholas enjoyed competitive success in PF, WSD, and LD. His senior year of High School, Nicholas was a William Woods Tate Jr. NSDA Student of the Year finalist. Nicholas presided as President of the Regis University Debate Society, where won numerous championships and invitationals, including the U.S. Universities Western Debate Championship, the Rocky Mountain Championship, The University of Utah IV, and more. Nicholas helps in Tab rooms around the country and adjudicates tournaments around the world. In his academic career, Nicholas has prioritized philosophical training in phenomenology, critical theory, ethics, and metaphysics; political training in International Relations and theories of development; and communication training in argumentation, persuasion, & conflict resolution. Nicholas is a seasoned researcher and thinker, with his most recent research on critical race theory and George Yancy forthcoming in publication from Routledge Press. This will be Nicholas’s fifth year working with debate workshops and his third year at the Global Debate Symposium.".
Ishan Bhatt - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Ishan Bhatt

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Ishan Bhatt has debated for St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Mississippi for four years, participating primarily in Lincoln-Douglas Debate. As a competitor, he championed the 2018 National Speech and Debate Association National tournament and the 44th Harvard Invitational and Round Robin. Ishan also placed 2nd at the National Catholic Forensic League Nationals and 5th at the Tournament of Champions in 2018. In addition to his Lincoln-Douglas career, Ishan also is also a member of the USA Debate Team his senior year. He attended the Global Debate Symposium as a student and is excited to return as a staff member.
Michael Bole - Congressional Debate/World Schools Instructor

Michael Bole

Congressional Debate/World Schools Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Michael is a student at Emory University studying Marketing and Women’s studies. A graduate of Dreyfoos School of the Arts, Michael was a member of the 2018-19 USA Debate Team, a National Student of the Year Finalist, and the 2019 Florida State Champion in Congressional Debate. In World Schools Debate, Michael captained the team that placed 3rd (2019) and 5th (2018) at US Nationals, where he also placed within the top six speakers both years. As a member of the US National Team, he championed Harvard-Westlake, made it to finals of EurOpen and the Winter Holidays Open, in addition to placing 3rd at the Cornell, Harvard, and Greenhill tournaments. Aside from debate, Michael enjoys Trader Joes, Broadway, and digital art. Check out his work at
Maddie Butler - World Schools Debate Staff

Maddie Butler

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Maddie is grateful for her time debating as a member of USA Debate and the Fishers High School debate team in Indiana. Throughout her debate career, Maddie earned two state championship titles in Congressional Debate as well as a State Championship title in Discussion. She also earned a championship title at the Harvard-Westlake World Schools Debate tournament and was a three-time NSDA semi-finalist in Congressional Debate. Maddie is studying International Law and Institutions and Arabic at Indiana University, where she is a student in the Wells Scholars Program. At IU, Maddie is now involved in IU Student Government, Model United Nations, the Arabic Flagship Program, and the Indiana Daily Student. Maddie has taught at GDS for the past two summers, instructing Congressional Debate and World Schools Debate, and looks forward to working with students again at GDS this summer!
Anh Cao - World Schools Debate Staff

Anh Cao

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Anh Cao is currently on a gap year, studying Arabic under the State Department's NSLI-Y scholarship. She will attend Harvard College in the fall. Anh was a two-year member of the U.S. National Team, and she captained the team her senior year. As a junior, Anh was selected for the World Championship team that took home 5th place in Bangkok. She also won 9th place speaker, making her the highest-ranked female debater at Worlds 2019. Anh is a three-year alumna of GDS and is thrilled to return as an instructor!
Vishan Chaudhary - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Vishan Chaudhary

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Vishan has debated for Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, CA, for 5 years, attending the TOC 3 times and accumulating 9 career bids to date. As a debater, he has championed the USC Debate Tournament, the Peninsula Invitational, the Harvard-Westlake Round Robin, and the Stanford Invitational, as well as reaching Semifinals of Greenhill and Quarters of the Glenbrooks Invitational. A 2-time GDS alum, he is excited to return as a staff member.
Giovanni Cutri - Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor

Giovanni Cutri

Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Giovanni Cutri is a senior and a team captain at Harrison High School, where he has debated for the past four years. To date, Gio has earned 11 career TOC bids and won the Glenbrooks, Isidore Newman, Princeton, and Newark (he is the first Harrison debater to win this tournament twice); he has also reached elimination rounds at Loyola, Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx, Apple Valley, Scarsdale, Blake, Lexington, and Harvard, among other tournaments. Additionally, Gio was top speaker at Blake, Lexington, Isidore Newman, and Ridge, and was 5th speaker at the 2020 TOC. He has competed at numerous round robins, including Greenhill, Newark, and Harvard, and is the National Speech and Debate Association's #1-ranked Lincoln-Douglas debater both nationally and in New York State.
Mlungisi Dlamini - World Schools Debate Instructor

Mlungisi Dlamini

World Schools Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Mlungisi Dlamini (Mbabane, Eswatini) is a globally experienced debate coach and judge. He coached the only team to reach a WSDC final having started one year before ranked in the 40s to finish 2nd. He has worked as Coach, Judge, Chief Adjudication Panelist in Africa, Europe, and Asia -- at national and at World Schools Championship levels. In North America he learned how to debate in the east coast APDA circuit and BP format as an undergraduate. Lunga, as he is known, teaches anthropology, designs curricula, and works in continental public policy advocacy. He is glad to be part of the GDS team.
Danny DeBois - World Schools Debate Staff

Danny DeBois

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Danny DeBois debated for Harvard University in British Parliamentary debate, USA Debate in World Schools Debate, and Harrison High School in Lincoln-Douglas debate. In college, he won the World Universities Debating Championship, the Australian British Parliamentary Debating Championship, and the Yale Intervarsity (twice), as well as appearing in finals of the US Universities Debating Championship, the North American Universities Debating Championship (twice), and the Oxford Intervarsity. As a member of USA Debate, he was Top Speaker of the NSDA World Schools division. In high school LD, he won the TOC, NCFL Grand Nationals, the Minneapple, the Glenbrooks, and the Harvard Invitational (twice). He also coached a TOC champion while working at Harvard-Westlake.
Bennett Eckert - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Bennett Eckert

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

As a debater, Bennett won a number of national and state championships including the Texas Forensic Association State Tournament (three times), the National Debate Coaches Association National Championship, and the National Speech and Debate Association Nationals. As a coach, Bennett’s students have won Grapevine, the Greenhill Round Robin, Greenhill, St. Mark’s, Apple Valley, Blake, the Harvard-Westlake Round Robin, Emory, the California Round Robin, the Kandi King Round Robin, TFA State, the NDCA National Championship, and the Tournament of Champions. Bennett is currently a senior at Northwestern University. Starting in the fall, he will be a PhD student in philosophy at MIT. This will be his fifth summer teaching at GDS.
Reja Debevc - World Schools Debate Staff

Reja Debevc

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Reja is a full-time coach at Dutch Schools Debate College in the Netherlands where she attends Maastricht University, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. After years of debating for Bežigrad speech and debate program in Slovenia, she now regularly competes and is a breaking judge at several international debate tournaments (EuroOpen, WSDC 2020) and a convenor of the recent Online Dutch Debate Championships 2020. At her university Reja is the president of Rhetorica Debating Society where she is additionally coaching in the British Parliamentary format.
Elyse Dewbre - World Schools Debate Staff

Elyse Dewbre

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Elyse Dewbre is currently a freshman studying business at the University of Texas at Austin. Elyse was a two-year member of Team USA and was selected to compete at the World Schools Debate Championship as a senior. With Team USA, she was in finals of the Harvard World Schools Tournament, the Winter Holiday Open in Croatia, and the Harvard-Westlake World Schools Tournament. Additionally, she championed the National Speech and Debate Tournament and the Texas Forensics State Tournament in World Schools. She is a three-year alumna of GDS and is excited to be returning as an instructor!
Aislin Flynn - World Schools Debate Staff

Aislin Flynn

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Aislin Flynn is a former assistant and head coach of Team Canada at the World Schools Debate Championships, placing 2nd in both Singapore 2015, and Germany 2016. She was also a member of this team at WSDC in South Africa 2012. Aislin now serves as the Head World Schools coach at Sage Hill School, and as a British Parliamentary coach at Stanford University. As a competitor, Aislin was a three-time Canadian champion, champion and top speaker of the Yale IV, finalist of the HWS round robin, two-time Cambridge IV finalist, and 11th speaker at Dutch Worlds. She also lost a Worlds quarterfinal to her sister, whom she coached to a 2nd place finish. As an adjudicator, Aislin judged the grand final of WUDC, and served as the chief adjudicator of both US and Canadian nationals, among others. Aislin currently lives in Los Angeles where she works in television production and anticipates graduation from Loyola Marymount University with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing and Producing for television.
Emily Grantham - World Schools Instructor

Emily Grantham

World Schools Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Emily Grantham is a first year at Smith College and will likely major in Government. As a member of the USA Debate Team in 2018 and 2019, Emily has represented the USA both domestically and abroad winning various national and international titles, including ranking in the top 6 teams at the World Schools Debating Championship both years. Emily is a Texas Forensic Association state champion and two-time NSDA National Finalist (and one time champion) in World Schools Debate. Having also coached debate at her school, the Houston Urban Debate League, and LearningLeaders, Emily is excited for her third year instructing (and sixth consecutive summer) at GDS!
James Hu - World Schools Debate Staff

James Hu

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

James debated for Mira Loma High School in California, was a member of the U.S. National Team his senior year, and currently assists the USA Development Team in their training. As a competitor, he placed 4th at the NSDA National Tournament in International Extemp and was a member of the 2020 WSDC team. James currently attends Columbia University, where he is involved with the debate society, and hopes to study both political science and data science. He attended GDS twice in high school and is unbelievably excited to be back on this year’s staff.
Mina Lee - Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor

Mina Lee

Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Mina Lee debated for and founded the LD program at Edgemont High school after attending GDS the summer into her junior year. Her senior year, she was an octafinalist at the TOC and received 8th speaker award. She also cleared at every TOC bid tournament and received speaker awards at Scarsdale and Blake. She now coaches a couple students independently and travels with the Edgemont teams. She currently attends Princeton university.
Alexandra Mork - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Alexandra Mork

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Alexandra Mork is a coach for the Harker School. As a debater, she accumulated seventeen career bids and was the third woman in national history to qualify to the TOC four times. Alexandra reached elimination rounds at every tournament she attended during her sophomore, junior, and senior years, including TOC and NDCA. She won the California Round Robin, the Damus Invitational, and the St. Marks Invitational and won top speaker at the Stanford, Berkeley, and Presentation invitationals. As a coach, her students have won the Berkeley, Harvard-Westlake, College Prep, Damus, Presentation, and St. Marks tournaments. She is excited to return to GDS this summer!
Anna Myers - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Anna Myers

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Anna Myers has competed in Lincoln Douglas debate at Greenhill School for four years. Anna won the Heart of Texas Invitational (2017) and the Grapevine Fall Classic (2018). She also made finals appearances at St. Marks (2018), Apple Valley (2018), and the Greenhill Round Robin (2018), finished second at the Glenbrooks Round Robin (2018), and finished third at National Debate Coaches Association Championship (2018) and Texas Forensics Association State Championship (2018). Her junior year, Anna cleared to elims at every national tournament she attended and qualified and cleared at the Tournament of Champions. Anna attended the Global Debate Symposium before her junior and senior year and is excited to as return in the summer of 2019.
Rodrigo Paramo - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Rodrigo Paramo

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Rodrigo Paramo holds a B.A. in Literary Studies. He is a political consultant in San Antonio, and in his sixth year of coaching is now an assistant coach at the Greenhill School. His students have championed Grapevine, St. Mark's, Blake, Emory, and the TFA State Tournament, and have earned more than 50 bids to the Tournament of Champions. This will be Rodrigo's fifth year working at a summer institute, and his fourth teaching at GDS.
Demarcus Powell - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Demarcus Powell

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Demarcus holds a B.A. in Historical Studies from UT Dallas. He competed for 3 years at Crowley High School both locally and nationally qualifying for TFA state multiple times. Demarcus also competed at UT Dallas for 3 years. Demarcus has experience with all styles of debate and helps his students become well rounded debaters. Demarcus is one of the most preferred debate judges in the country.
Chris Randall - Instructor - "K Lab"

Chris Randall

Instructor - "K Lab" - GDS Debate Camp

Chris Randall is a former college debater for Rutgers Newark where he and his colleague were quarterfinalists at the National Debate Tournament. As a coach Chris has coached the top speaker at the high school Tournament of Champions in both Lincoln Douglas and Policy debate while coaching a TOC champion in Lincoln Douglas, a Dukes and Bailey award winning student (top Lincoln Douglas debater in America) along with a host of coaching and debate accomplishments. Chris also has an endearing love for trash pandas.
Claudia Ribera - Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor

Claudia Ribera

Lincoln Douglas Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Claudia Ribera debated in LD and coached at Katy Taylor High School. She is currently a junior at Texas with a double major in History and International Relations. As a competitor, Claudia competed locally and nationally, having success on both circuits. Additionally, she has been coaching Policy and LD debate for the past three years. Her debaters have been nationally ranked on the Coaches Poll (VCX), have reached to deep elimination rounds of bid tournaments, round robins, qualify to the TOC, TFA, and NSDA Nationals in both events. Her debate interests include critical race theory, anti-humanism philosophy, and topicality. Claudia is incredibly excited to work as an LD instructor and share her knowledge with students at the Global Debate Symposium.
Andy Rincón - World Schools Staff

Andy Rincón

World Schools Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Andy Rincón has been active in the debate community for six years, and currently is studying Economics at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City. In 2017 she was a part of Team Mexico and competed in the World Schools Debate Championship in Bali, Indonesia. She continued to participate in the Mexican universities British Parliamentary circuit. She was the 5th best speaker at the Campeonato Mundial de Debate en Español in 2019 in Perú, 7th best Spanish speaker in Panams 2019 in Panama. Recently she became the best speaker in Mexico at the E-CND in 2020, and national sub champion. She is also the co-coach of Team Mexico 2021. She enjoys coaching and teaching debate to young debaters,as she hopes that debate will change their life in the way it changes hers.
Sarah Roberts - Instructor Lincoln Douglas Debate

Sarah Roberts

Instructor Lincoln Douglas Debate - GDS Debate Camp

Sarah is an assistant debate coach at the Harker School and will be graduating from UC Berkeley with a BA in Linguistics in spring 2020. As a competitor, she participated in policy debate independently from 2015-2017, and cleared at all national tournaments attended, qualifying to the TOC multiple times and reaching late elim rounds without institutional support. As a coach, she works primarily with the LD team and her students have received multiple bids to the TOC as well as championing the Damus invitational. This will be Sarah’s fourth year teaching at debate camp but her first time at GDS, and she is excited to talk to new people about Bataille (& how to beat it with heg good).
Leila Saklou - World Schools Debate Instructor

Leila Saklou

World Schools Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Leila is a recent graduate from Kingwood High school. In high school, Leila was an active member of the National Speech and Debate Association and a three-year member of USA Debate. On those teams, she competed in a variety of events such as Public Forum, Extemporaneous Speaking, and World Schools both locally and nationally. Domestically, she has claimed numerous victories at tournaments such as The Blake tournament, TFA State Championship, and NSDA Nationals. Beyond her domestic career, Leila has also debated across the world in places such as Germany, Croatia, Thailand, Singapore, and Taiwan. She has been a finalist/top speaker at prestigious international tournaments like the Winter Holiday Open and EurOpen competition. Leila finished her high school debate career as captain of the 2019 WSDC tournament where her country’s team placed fifth in the world. In addition to debating, Leila also taught debate at organizations like LearningLeaders and the Houston Urban Debate League. Outside of speech and debate, Leila enjoys working on local campaigns and volunteering as a poll worker.
Samuel Myat San - World Schools Debate Staff

Samuel Myat San

World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Samuel Myat San is a coach based in Singapore who has guided orators and debaters to over 30 national and regional championships. In coaching, he draws upon his experience in the Singapore Diplomatic Service as well as thousands of hours debating, judging and mentoring as part of the Singapore National Debate Team and the Harvard College Debate Team. He enjoys reading science fiction, cycling, and online-gaming as hobbies. A die-hard fan of Manchester United and the New England Patriots, he is married with two cats.
Aditya Shekhar - Congressional Debate Instructor

Aditya Shekhar

Congressional Debate Instructor - GDS Debate Camp

Applying what he learned during a championship-winning debate career, Aditya Shekhar is a respected medical researcher, having contributed to over twenty publications in peer-reviewed journals, given presentations at global conferences, and been recognized by several professional societies. An expert in the healthcare system, his research interests include prehospital care, cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, portrayals of medicine in popular culture, and the link between social sciences and medicine. He won the National Debate Coaches Association National Championship in World Schools Debate, was a semifinalist at the Tournament of Champions in Congressional Debate, and was the sixth speaker at the National Speech and Debate Association National Tournament in World Schools Debate.
Lee Thach - Instructor - "K Lab"

Lee Thach

Instructor - "K Lab" - GDS Debate Camp

Lee Thach was a Policy debater CSU Fullerton, where he qualified to the NDT four times, and placed in Octofinals of CEDA. He is a debate coach for CSU Fullerton, University High School, & CL Education. His students have qualified to the NDT, TOC, NSDA, and CA State Champs. He has a BA in Philosophy and is pursuing an MA in Communication. His academic interests include Postmodernism, Critical Theory, & Postcolonial Theory.
Luke Tillitski - Instructor Congressional Debate and World Schools

Luke Tillitski

Instructor Congressional Debate and World Schools - GDS Debate Camp

Luke Tillitski is a senior at Charlotte Latin School in Charlotte, North Carolina. In his first three years of high school, he spent the majority of his time competing in Congressional Debate. Most notably, Luke is the 2018 NSDA national champion in Congressional Debate - Senate. He has won five other national tournaments (Glenbrooks, Crestian, Crestian Round Robin, Blue Key Round Robin, and Durham Academy) in addition to placing in the top seven at several others, including the Tournament of Champions, Harvard, Emory, Blake, the Blake Round Robin, Bronx, and the Bronx Round Robin. In his career, Luke has amassed 16 total bids to the Tournament of Champions and has been ranked as highly as #1 in the country by In his senior year, as one of twelve members of the NSDA selected for the USA National Team, Luke has primarily focused on World Schools Debate. On Team USA, Luke’s teams have placed second at Greenhill and EurOpen in Stuttgart, Germany. Individually, Luke was the second highest rated speaker at EurOpen. Being one of two delegates from the state of North Carolina selected for the United States Senate Youth Program and holding the office of senior class president, Luke is eager to lead and serve. He can’t wait for an amazing summer teaching World Schools and Congress at GDS.
Kumail Zaidi - Instructor - "K Lab"

Kumail Zaidi

Instructor - "K Lab" - GDS Debate Camp

Kumail Zaidi has debated at Oak Hall School for six years with experience in both Policy and Lincoln-Douglas debate. He has accumulated 13 career bids to the TOC and has received multiple top speaker awards over the course of his career. Kumail championed the 2019 Greenhill invitational, the 2020 Harvard Westlake invitational, and the 2020 Cal Invitational at UC Berkeley. He has also reached semifinals of the Glenbrooks and quarterfinals of the TOC in 2019. Kumail specializes in Afro-Pessimism, Baudrillard, Bataille, and Moten.
Ava Zinman - Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff

Ava Zinman

Lincoln Douglas Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Ava Zinman (Harrison, NY) is a three-year alumnus of the Global Debate Symposium, and has been the captain of her school’s debate team since her sophomore year. She received 6 career bids to the TOC, and championed both the Princeton Tournament and the Apple Valley Round Robin her senior year. Additional accomplishments include being top speaker at The Greenhill Fall Classic, and reaching semifinals of NCFL Nationals, Scarsdale, and the Harvard Round Robin. Ava also reached the final round of Columbia, and participated in elimination rounds of Greenhill, Bronx, Apple Valley, the Glenbrooks, Ridge, Newark, Lexington, Harvard, and numerous other tournaments. She was invited to and competed at the Greenhill, Lake Highland Prep, Harvard, Kandi King, Harrison, Penn, and Apple Valley Round Robins. Her interests include identity kritiks, indigenous scholarship, and traditional debate, and she will attend Harvard University this fall.
Brian Zhou - Lincoln Douglas/World Schools Debate Staff

Brian Zhou

Lincoln Douglas/World Schools Debate Staff - GDS Debate Camp

Brian debated in Lincoln Douglas at Greenhill School for 4 years and in World Schools as a two-time member of the USA Debate Team. Brian is a two-time National Champion as he closed out the final round of the Woodward Novice and Junior Varsity National Championships as a sophomore and as a junior in Lincoln Douglas Debate, he was the champion of the Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky! In World Schools Debate, Brian won Greenhill and Harvard Westlake, placed 2nd in the Germany EurOpen Invitational in 2018, and reached quarterfinals at Harvard, Croatia, and Slovenia. As a former GDS student, Brian looks forward to sharing his knowledge and love for debate this summer in both the Lincoln Douglas and World Schools divisions. Brian will be attending Harvard University in the Fall.